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    Muhairwe helping needy students access university education University fees are exorbitantly high,with an average private student paying about sh4m annually. the government sponsorship scheme admits only 3,000 students every year. But...
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    The POTENTIAL OF AFRICA in recent years has experienced an economic and po- litical resurgence. Many countries have become electoral democracies. Seven of the world’s 10 fastest-growing economies are African. The...
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Who are we?

Our belief is that every child, not only needs to have basic school education (primary and secondary education), but also needs to complete tertiary education to qualify for gainful employment. We therefore aim at….

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United for Education

United for a Common Cause

In Making Public Enterprises Work: From Despair to Promise, Dr. William T. Muhairwe, the Managing Director of National Water and Sewerage Corporation of Uganda, discusses the approaches used to turnaround an under-performing state enterprise into a remarkable success story. Drawing...
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Words from students in our program

A week later, I was called for interviews and passed. I was on tension; it was a big panel of about 12 judges. I had never been interrogated before, but i was convinced that I would get it. About a month into the semester, I received a call from METL.

Nyaburu Doreen, Industrial Engineer

It was time to report to university, but still i did not have any hope of getting tuition. But good enough, lecturers held a sit down strike and campus was closed for a month. It was then that a friend told me she had read about METL in the papers.

Janat Nayebale, Petroleum Engineer

Mom planned to get a loan from a
microfinance trust to pay my tuition
fees. At the beginning of the first
semester on August 13, 2011, I read
about METL through an advert in
New vision.

Ismail Ssali, Mechanical Engineer